Throughout history there have been guides to lead the way.  These are video clips of people whose perspectives and understandings are insightful and worthy of our attention.  Each clip is thought provoking and may require several viewings to absorb the full meaning.  I have embedded these media resources within the text of my blog (date is indicated) where I felt they illuminate the discussion, and you can use the calendar in the right column of the blog to find these dates.

I hope you will enjoy watching and listening to these clips.  I owe a great debt of gratitude to all of these guides for illuminating my own journey.

Positive Affirmations – Part 1  – (3/20/2013)

Positive Affirmations- Part 2  – (3/20/2013)

Where Science and Buddhism Meet (Quantum Mechanics) – (3/22/2013)

Dr. Wayne Dyer- Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life – (3/23/2013)

Deepach Chopra- Meditation 101 – (3/24/2013)
(Interview with Oprah)

ECKHART TOLLE- Opinions Of Others Is a Self Judgment – (5/1/2013)

Dr. Eben Alexander- His Journey To Heaven – (5/19/2013)
(a near death experience of a Harvard neurosurgeon)

Kim Eng- Guided Breathing Meditation  – (5/19/2013)

 Wayne Dyer – I Can Do It


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