Dark Matter – Not Darth Vada


Quantum physicists now believe that the knowable, visible universe, that is the stars, planets, galaxies, etc. and all its matter, make up less than 1 percent, of all mass and energy.  The other 99 percent is what they call “dark matter/ dark energy.” These very knowledgeable and well-respected quantum physicists who are on the cutting edge, are questioning if this dark matter has a consciousness.

What does that mean?  Well for one thing, I want to refer back to Dr. Eben Alexander (blog post https://mariannezarcadoolas.wordpress.com/2013/05/19/) a brain neurosurgeon, who is convinced that consciousness exists outside the brain.  He was pronounced brain-dead and had a powerful near death experience that he remembers fully, when no part of his conscious brain could possibly have been functioning.  I know I’ve talked about all this in my May 19 blog, but it bears repeating.


If these new age, forward thinking quantum physicists, think that consciousness exists outside the brain, well the implications are staggering.  That’s what I mean when I’m talking about God-consciousness.  I’m talking about that other 99 percent of mass and energy because that is what is holding the universe together. What we know about dark matter is that it is the thing that governs the motion of stars and whole galaxies.  What we don’t know is how it does it.  Does it do it through a consciousness?

Stephen Hawkins of Oxford, is a preeminent theoretical physicist and cosmologist.  The following video clip is a simulation of his model about the cosmos and dark matter.  Let me just put it right out there, there is no way that the average lay person (me) is going to understand the Quantum Mechanics of why this works, but I just want you to sit back and enjoy how it works.  Take a look at the universe through this amazing telescope. (This video clip runs about 8 minutes and will blow your mind.)


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