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As children we were innately curious about everything.  How the universe works, how we came to be, where we come from, where we are going to, and so forth.  But if you take the time to engage a child in these questions, elicit from them their ideas rather than provide them with “answers,” you will be amazed at how intuitive they are and how close to the truth.  We are born into this world from spirit.  That is the closest we will be to God consciousness, until the day we either reach enlightenment, or we die and return to spirit.

Each day that the material world asserts its pressures and distractions on us, we move further away from our God consciousness.  What do I mean by God consciousness.  I mean the soul in each of us that connects us to the oneness of the universe.  God consciousness is the mother ship so to speak.

Our job, our purpose in this life is to connect to our true self, to connect to our God consciousness.  Why?  Because you have been asking, “Who Am I?” in some form or other your whole life.  You have answered in many different ways, “I am a mother, sister, father, accountant, actress, writer, child, etc.”  We all play many roles.  But we are not those roles.  We are spirit playing those roles.

Now that you have been practicing meditation (past posts) you are beginning to open the portal that will help you answer that question and explore your purpose.  In order to “know thyself,” you have to get very clear about 3 things…

Who am I?

What do I really, really, want?

How can I serve? (What is my dharma?)

The answers to these questions will define you and your place in the universe and will bring you closer to spirit.  The tricky part is that the answers will keep changing as you get closer to spirit. Don’t worry and don’t judge yourself.  You are developing and creating yourself by just asking the questions. We are all multi dimensional people, and we are all many things.


CREATIVE VISUALIZATION (Read this first and then close your eyes and try to visualize this scenario.)

Envision you are walking in a barren desert.  You are completely alone. There is no sound, not even those of your own footsteps as you walk through the shifting sand. You have been walking a long time.  In the distance you see an eagle and as you get close to it you understand that you are meant to get onto it’s back.  The eagle bears you above the desert, over distant mountains, and comes to stop at the highest mountain peak.   You climb down and the eagle flies off.  You are on the tallest mountain in the range. This is the furthest you have ever been from another human in your life. You are completely alone.

A sign planted there asks, “Who are you?”  What is your answer.  Who are you?  Keep asking yourself. Who am I?

Are you  a political activist, a healer, a mother, a child, a frightened person, a fierce warrior, a liar, a hero, a friend, a lover, a phony, an optimist, a pessimist, etc.

Keep asking yourself, “Who am I?”


JOURNAL ENTRY (If you haven’t started keeping a spiritual journal, now would be a good time to begin.)

Write down your thoughts to some or all of these questions:

  1. Who am I? First look inward to define yourself? List attributes that describes you? This may be a very, very long list.
  2. What attributes would others use to define you?
  3. What are the roles I play? How do these roles define me?
  4. Am I living the life I envisioned for myself?
  5. What choices have you made in your life that help define you? (the way you look, where you live, etc.)  These are important because the choices you make help define you.
  6. What are the things you do for others, that run contrary to your own fulfillment?



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