A twig gets stuck in the crook of a running river.   It sort of wedges itself between rocks or into a bend in the river, and tumbles around furiously, going nowhere fast.  Then all of a sudden it breaks loose and begins to float smoothly, effortlessly in the flow of the river.  It hits another bend in the river and gets stuck again until it breaks free and goes with the flow.


That’s your life.  When you’re stuck, you’re struggling with the things we call the day to day grind.  It’s some problem on the job, or with your relationship, or you’ve got money problems, or your car is on the fritz again, or you’re worried about your kids, or….  At these times you’re like that twig, tumbling around and getting nowhere.  But then maybe something happens to turn things around and you’re back in the flow.  Grooving.

You can make a conscious decision to stop tumbling and get back in the flow quickly by embracing the Zen principle of “letting go.”  What you resist persists.  You see, you really are like that twig, struggling to break free of the bank.  The river wants to take you into its flow.  All you have to do is stop struggling.  It’s like a lifeguard who has to subdue the drowning girl because in her panic, she can’t let herself be saved.  She’s got to let go and let the lifesaver do his work.

When I look back on my life, the things that have brought me the greatest joy and the most success, have all been things I really wasn’t trying to control.  It’s almost as though they happen in spite of myself.  Conversely it’s been the times I was trying to put the square peg into the round hole, the times I was really struggling to control things, those are the times things haven’t worked out so well for me.

Now this may seem like I am contradicting what I’ve said earlier about the law of attraction and affirmations It’s not.  The law of attraction doesn’t work because you repeatedly say, “Please let me win the lottery.”  The universe doesn’t care if you win the lottery.  The universe concerns itself with real issues, not twigs.  The universe is the river, flowing along.  It’s your challenge to get in the flow of the universe.


So you have to think about what winning the lottery REALLY represents.  Let’s say it represents security.   Well then that’s a language the universe understands, and can provide.  So a more appropriate affirmation might be, “I am secure in the knowledge that the universe provides me all I need physically, emotionally, and spiritually.” Then let go and let the universe do its work.



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