The Law Of Attraction- Quantum Physics And Buddha

So much has been written about the Law of Attraction, especially since the publishing of “The Secret” in 2006.  Basically, the Law of Attraction is the belief that there is power in what you say and think.  So if you think negative thoughts, you will attract negative energy, and conversely positive thoughts will attract positive energy. There really is nothing new, or new age about the concept. Many books have been published in the last 100 years extolling the power of positive thinking but knowledge of this power started long before the 20th century.

Ask and ye shall receive.  Jesus

What you think, you become.  Buddha


In my last post I asked you to write a positive affirmation and carry it with you, and repeat it to yourself frequently. Did you do it?  Or are your negative thoughts influencing you?

  • What’s the point?
  • I’ve done this before
  • Nothing is going to come of it
  • Really?

Scientific Proof

For now I want you to consider this.  What if reality and how we perceive reality are actually two different things. What if there was real proof that the law of attraction, the power of thought, actually works?

Well science, in the form of quantum physics, is finally catching up with what the ancient mystics have always known, that reality is a projection of the mind.  There is something in quantum physics called String Theory and the Uncertainty Principal (or Heisenberg Principal).  I won’t dare try to explain it in scientific terms, there’s lots of information on the Internet that would do that much better than I ever could.  But essentially Heisenberg discovered that the observation of a system in quantum mechanics disturbs the system enough that you can’t know everything about the system. The more precisely you measure the position of a particle, for example, the less it’s possible to precisely measure the particle’s momentum. What???

How does that play out in the law of attraction, you’re wondering?  Heisenberg proved that by simply observing something (thinking about it) you effect the outcome.

Watch this video and see what I’m talking about.  It’s only about 11 minutes but if you want to zero in specifically on the Uncertainty Principal zip the video to 4:44 minutes and wait to have your mind blown.

That should set you scrambling to get your sticky pad and start cranking out those affirmations I describe in my last post. Just by writing an affirmation and thinking about it,  you are creating the energy that effects it.

What are you waiting for?

26 thoughts on “The Law Of Attraction- Quantum Physics And Buddha

    • I’ve discussed The Uncertainty Principle with physicists and depending upon their orientation and open-mindedness, they either can make this connection to Buddhist teachings or not. I’ll be curious to learn what your daughter thinks.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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      • Thank-you madam for this nice article. In-fact if our wishes or anything happening with a delay, it must be because we given a specific property to time and space to exists, when we speak about outside of world, it must be something only to realize that yes we are living at present. But really many things changed my life, including health. I studied “the secret tv” and quantum physics with mindreality. From last one month i applied positive thoughts to me, now i am less distracted and more controlled of self and taking my joy with my-self and yeah it is evenly lifting the whole Earth. I knew those who believed actually understood their greatest self powers are actually beyond what one had thought. A heart of GOD(infinte energy or supreme) window. I first got shock when i understood Quantum physics. and god shown me indirectly about Neil Bohr quote as ” Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it “. I am satisfied now being mortal on my Earth. 🙂

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  5. So ‘IF’ reality is defined by each person, how it that so if I choose to step on your foot and you get hurt? You decided to NOT participate in that reality, but your foot still hurts. So ‘is’ reality internal or external. I’d say it’s more external than internal because you can’t get around the physics of reality. No matter how much you DON’T want to participate in the environment, if it rains it WILL rain on you regardless of you’re not wanting that reality. Yet the mind I believe is the interpreter of reality. You could like or dislike the rain. It could feel good or not good on your skin. There is where I believe you create / interpret your reality.

  6. This is the last piece in the jigsaw for me.
    It’s true !
    God is at the back of everything !
    We are free to create what ever reality we choose !
    Amazing !
    Peace and love to all

  7. Thanks for sharing this great info.
    I’m a great believer and follower of Law of Attraction (thanks to the great movie The Secret and all other teachers) and my aim is to teach this great law to every single person and help them raise their standard of living. If you have more such info do share with us. I would love to know more connection of LoA with science.

    • Thanks so much for your enthusiasm for my blog post. I have actually written several posts about the LOA so go to the Table of Contents and also check. I encourage you to follow the blog, this way you will get an email alerting you whenever I post.

    • Hi manish ji. I also want to join this team of universe but confused that whether is it possible to visualize and get that? Sir I want to try it on me. Recently i got my ldl cholesterol slightly high that is 165. My question is how should bring it in lao. I mean should I try to meditate on it or visualize that my cholesterolare in good range now or something else? Thanx in advance.. Kindly reply…..

      • Hello friend, regarding health conditions, first believe that “i am healthy and i knew it”. Now visualize it. There are many methods and it is good if you fallow your convenient method, i fallow just 1 as, if i am in your place, i will visualize like this ” i went to hospital, doctor saw my report and told me, “you are now perfect and normal”. Or, i saw the report and there the cholesterol number became less and in normal quantity, say thank-you, to my energy or god(whatever) and i knew it. (in Relaxed position)”. Feel good from heart. And Ignore the rest of the things, when you do it confidently and every night or day even for once is enough. Imagination is everything. Believe it or not, focus only on what you want and leave it the rest of the things, just enjoy your day with full of energy. There will be time delay, but ignore it and believe “what i want and think is always RIGHT”. You are already became “right”. 🙂 Have a bright and peaceful day always. Everybody are controllers of their minds, so take control of your mind, be the hero of your mind, you lift not only self but whole Earth frequency. We humans are too great and controlled of selves. Your life is your “GIFT”. This is what God wanted from us cause we are God particles and every particle always liked by our GOD, and this is its true nature. 🙂

  8. Dear Marianne I’m so impressed with your prompt response.
    I will definitely go thorough all your posts, I’m more interested in the scientific proof supporting this law as many discard it as a hypothesis and not backed by science.
    It will be so nice of you to help me find that.
    Thank you so very much.

    • Back for more are you? How nice. You should look at the following blog posts, on March 23 & 23, and May 19 & 24. I think you’ll find them of particular interest and stay tuned. Namaste.

    • Yes Mr.Manish,
      In order to get more info regarding LoA you can read a book called You are the Architect of Your Destiny authored by Sadguru shri Wamanrao Pai a learned philosopher…… will surly get some amazing facts of life the book is available in Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujrathi, etc. available in Mumbai, Pune at Jivan Vidya kendra…….Go for it and u will love to get into believe……
      God Bless You….

  9. Thanks For Sharing this nice Topic

    “The law of attraction is the name given to the belief that “like attracts like” and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.[1][2][3][4] This belief is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from pure energy, and the belief that like energy attracts like energy.[citation needed] One example used by a proponent of the law of attraction is that if a person opened an envelope expecting to see a bill, then the law of attraction would “confirm” those thoughts and contain a bill when opened. A person who decided to instead expect a check might, under the same law, find a check instead of a bill.[5]

    Although there are some cases where positive or negative attitudes can produce corresponding results (principally the placebo and nocebo effects), there is no scientific basis to the law of attraction.[6]”

    • Scientific basis is simply in Quantum Physics and as per Neil bhor “Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it.”

      Furthermore, it is meaningless to ascribe any properties or even existence to anything that has not been measured. Bohr is basically saying that nothing is real unless it is observed.
      Means no matter how much space or universe or galaxies you observe, after first time when you will see up to the sky, it is “infinte”, and there is no definition to measure the infinity but your visualizing, hearing, taste, and even sensing with emotions, everything is “belief” system only. You don’t believe the horoscope, but someone else believed and for them it becomes true and if you think there is something “FATE” exists, then you become bound to that fate, if you believe there is no fate or time or space, you become the “Truth”. Everything is details.

      When no one is watching, the electron take every possible route and therefore interferes with itself. However, when the electron is observed, it is forced to choose one path. Bohr called this the “collapse of the wave function”29. The probability that a certain path will be chosen when the wave function collapses is, essentially, the square of the path’s wave function “30.

      It is observed in dimensions too, by simply by enlarging the point (.), to line, to cube etc. etc.
      So there is no end in it, and this is right, even search continues….

      And yeah you are right, one must use both brains of logical, scientific and intuition, creativity,.
      But there are many scientific things yet to prove, one can do tests by self and i bet result will br same infinity and why not if you like to make your world like that, or just ignore it is the another way to attract just a finite facts. I don’t bother but we do, this is what “THINK” an instrument which is not measured yet actually.

  10. The Law of Attraction is an infinite spiritual technology that is available to everyone. It can be used by any person willing to learn about its characteristics and then follow a particular set of guidelines until the end result is accomplished. This is possible because the Law of Attraction is a reliable force that is set in motion through the power of human thoughts. We refer to this spiritual technology as a law because it is repeatable like the law of gravity, which is repeatable under specific conditions. According to the dictionary, a law is a statement or a fact in which a natural or scientific phenomenon always occurs if certain conditions are present. The Law of Attraction, or Universal Law, is a spiritual certainty because it can be demonstrated over and over as long as certain mental and emotional conditions are met. – Eddie Coronado, author of “Manifest Your Millions: A Lottery Winner Shares his Law of Attraction Secrets.”

  11. yeah,I agree your point.If you think positive then you will attract towards the positive energy and vice versa.It’s totally depend upon on the Uncertainty Principle with physicists and depending upon their orientation and open-mindedness,Thanks for sharing the great information.

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