Follow Your Bliss.  Three simple words yet we have so much trouble doing just that.  We find every excuse not to actualize our full potential and live the lives we would love to be living.   I can’t follow my bliss because:

  • I have to make money
  • I have children to take care of
  • I’m afraid to change things
  •  ……..fill in the blank

But the truth is, that we often don’t follow our bliss because we don’t know what our bliss is.  Think about that for a moment.  If you were suddenly granted the opportunity to do anything you want, what would you do?  It’s like the old “what if” game.  What if you won the lottery?  What if you were a person of the opposite sex?  What if you were born in another country? What if you were president?

Knowing what you want, and following your bliss are the keys to living a full and meaningful life.  In the next few weeks we’re going to explore how to identify your bliss, get in touch with what you really want, and value what you have.

This is going to be a year-long mind, body, spirit, magical mystery journey.   It is going to require that you suspend judgment, flex your mind, try new things, open your creative portal, and have some fun.  No one needs to come along on this journey, but it’s been my experience that once you’re  on the path, you’ll find the right company.

Energy flows where attention goes…


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