Where Have All The Hippies Gone…



The ‘60’s generation, the Hippies, challenged and changed the political, social and economic fabric of America and forever altered the way we view the world.  At the same time, we embarked on personal psychological and spiritual journeys that shaped the people we were to become, sometimes with the aid of drugs, sometimes not. We turned to eastern philosophies and world religions to help understand our place in the universe.  We explored Buddhism, the Tao, the I Ching, astrology, numerology, palmistry, and the rituals and cultures of Native Americans.  We rediscovered Jesus’ message of peace and love, rejecting the catechism of the Catholic Church and absorbed the Kabala of the ancient Jewish mystics.   We embraced the understandings that we are all one, that the earth needs protection, that musical vibration can transport the soul, and that the mind requires expansion.  We understood that ordinary people can and do have extraordinary experiences all the time.  Magic happens.

I was recently in India and a wise guide told me this.  In India, they believe that there are three stages in life.  The first phase is youth and it is the time to be carefree and open to the possibilities of all things.  It is the time to explore and be open with your mind and your heart. Then we enter phase two, when we marry, have children, begin careers, build homes, etc. and our lives become full of responsibilities and demands on our time and energy.  Finally, when our last child is out of the home, they believe we enter phase three.  It is in phase three that we have more time to ourselves, we are comfortable with, or at least understand pretty well, our relationships.  It is in this last phase that we can explore our spiritual life in order to prepare us for our next life. Phase three is the time in which we discover who we truly are and what our purpose is in this life.

Each of our lives is important, and each has its purpose.  Maybe we boomers strayed from the people we were becoming when we were Hippies.  Phase two made serious demands on us.  It left us with little time to contemplate the universe, so we conquered it instead, or at least thought we would try.  Maybe we lost some of ourselves along the way.

Now that the last kid is out of the house, (or perhaps living in the guest room) maybe it’s time to rediscover what we knew when we were young.  Maybe we’re secure enough now, to really challenge our minds, to stretch our limits, and open ourselves to the mysteries of this life. Maybe it’s time to get back to thinking about what our purpose is, and how our life impacts on all other things in this universe.

It’s time we got back to the garden.

And it’s time we had some fun on the journey.


This blog is going to be a magical, mystery tour “back to yourself.”  Only this time you don’t have to drop acid, burn your bra, impeach the president, give up your citizenship, or stop shaving.  (Although you may choose to do all those things if you want.)


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